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Positive Pest Management of New York City provides the highest quality Flea Exterminating Services to residential and commercial customers in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx. By the time you find a few fleas on your pet, thousand of the flea eggs must have fallen into the carpet and cracks in the floor. Positive Pest Management has the experience and skill to handle any extermination situation related to these or other pests.


Flea Pest Control


Fleas are parasites that feed on blood, and seem to prefer humans, cats, dogs, opossums, rats and other rodents. A flea can jump up to 8 inches high and are usually found on shoes, pant legs, or blankets.

Fleas have a long and infamous history as pests of humans and domestic animals:

  • Fleas can cause painful rashes, especially in sensitive individuals. These rashes may become infected when the affected individual scratches them.
  • Fleas can live for about 100 days.
  • Fleas do not fly. They jump from one place to another.
  • A pair of fleas can produce 400-500 offspring in their lifetime.
  • Flea_on_Finger.JPGAdult fleas lay all of their eggs (up to 50 per day) on the pet. However, the eggs soon fall off the animal into carpeting, beneath the cushions of furniture, and wherever else the pet rests, sleeps or spends most of its time.
  • After hatching, flea eggs develop into tiny, worm-like larvae. They remain hidden deep in carpet fibers, beneath furniture cushions and in other protected areas. The larvae feed mainly on adult flea feces (dried blood) which accumulates, along with the eggs, in pet resting and activity areas.
  • Before becoming adult fleas, the larvae transform into pupae within a silk-like cocoon. Pupae remain inside the cocoon for 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer. The cocoon is resistant to insecticides and this is why some adult fleas are seen for an extended period, even after the home and pet are treated.

Flea Extermination Services

Ridding a home of fleas can be a frustrating and costly endeavor. Unlike some pests encountered around the home, fleas cause discomfort and irritation to both pets and people. They account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance, and even a single flea bite to a hypersensitive animal or person may cause intense itching and irritation. It would be a grave mistake to think of the flea as simply a nuisance.  A heavy flea burden can be lethal to younger or smaller animal. Clearly, fleas are more than a nuisance.

They are a health menace that have no place in our homes and often they require the skills of a professional exterminator to eradicate.

For successful flea control, the home, pet and oftentimes, the yard must be treated. Yet the manner in which these treatments are performed can greatly influence the results. The following information will help frustrated pet owners effectively rid their homes and pets of fleas.
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