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Positive Pest Management of New York City provides the highest quality Termite Exterminating Services to residential and commercial customers in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx. Positive Pest Management has the experience and skill to handle any extermination situation related to these or other pests.


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Termite Warning Signs & Identification

Some indications you may have a termite infestation include the following:

  • A temporary swarm of winged insects in your home or from the soil around your home.
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or frass (termite droppings).
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in crawl spaces.
  • Discarded wings from swarmers.

Eliminate Moisture Problems

  • Repair leaking faucets, water pipes, and a/c units, that contact any wood
  • Divert water from foundation of your home or building
  • Keep gutters and down-spouts clean so they don’t back up
  • Remove excessive plant cover and wood mulch close to your home
  • Get rid of standing water on roofs
  • Keep all vents clear and open
  • Seal entry points around water and utility lines or pipes

Remove Food Sources

  • Keep firewood, lumber, or paper away from foundation or crawl space
  • Get rid of stumps and debris near house
  • Check decks and wooden fences for damage
  • Wood on your home shouldn’t contact the soil

At Positive Pest Management, we take great pride in our organization and strongly believe that our services should always exceed our customer’s expectations. Our highly competent professional staff is always eager to help you with any of your exterminating needs.

Operated by Benett Pearlman, the Regional Director of the New York State Pest Management Association, Positive Pest Management specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We’re in the trenches everyday, trouble shooting on site and committed to permanently solving all your pest problems in a cost-effective manner.

When it’s time to select a pest control company for bed bugs, termites, carpenter ants or other pest removal needs, Positive Pest Management is the best choice you can make. We have the experience and the expertise you need to exterminate any kind of pest problem. And we have a real passion for pest removal. That keeps us a leader in the industry.

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